Alaska Islands and Ocean Center
This project was our first One Percent for the Arts undertaking. The designers and architects wanted to convey the feeling of entering a very special, natural place.  Bull kelp entry doorsWe offered five different entry door designs to the arts committee, but the bull kelp won hands down for its fluid design.  The kelp looks as if it were picked up from the beach and draped on the doors to dry.  Its whips spin around the brass handles looking for a hold fast.  Marlon faced great challenges in this project, as new techniques and tooling had to be developed in order to create the illusion of cast bronze, when indeed it is fabricated brass.  By combining many different types of brass and using patinas for coloring, he was able to create the look of continuity in this piece.  This kelp stands as one of Marlon’s favorite creations, not only for the challenges it presented but also its flowing design that visitors to Homer will enjoy for years to come.
driftwood elevatorFor this project we were met with the architect’s dilemma of framing the elevator.  In response, we created a brass driftwood frame with a brushed steel sky.  If you look closely you will see brass seabirds flying across the sky.  These birds are, in fact, the anchors that hold the steel sky to the brick wall.  When designing this piece, it became crucial to hide obvious welds and attach points while ensuring structural durability.  The driftwood is attached by hiding the bolts within the knots in the brass wood.
compass roseinlaid brass compass roseThis fabricated brass compass rose is inlaid in the floor of the exhibit hall. At 34 feet in diameter, it was too large for our previous one car garage workspace to accommodate layout. It was fabricated in quadrants and assembled on site.otter donation boxFor Islands and Ocean we created a donation box that sits near the entry doors. This is a life size otter holding a butter clam. You drop your coin in the clam and watch as the coin travels down brass kelp until it falls to the bottom of the box. A jelly fish wiggles as the coin lands next to a sea urchin-- all created from steel, copper and brass.
bull kelp entry doorsdrifwood elevator
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