Let Nature Be Your Teacher
Working metal is a passion I was born with. As a fourth generation metalsmith, I’ve had a hammer in my hand since I was 10 years old. My father John F. Prazen was a world renowned metal artist from Salt Lake City, Utah and Mesquite, Nevada. Growing up, Prazen family activities were always centered around the metal shop; it is a place both familiar and deeply ingrained in my history.   

Art forms in nature have always intrigued me, particularly ones relating to the sea.  Creating forms from the natural world to incorporate into our everyday living allows us to open our eyes to the true beauty that surrounds us-- to touch it and celebrate it.

Because nature is my focal point, I believe in using reclaimed metals whenever possible to diminish what ends up in a public landfill.  In my aim to be environmentally responsible, the earth gives back, providing me with the best material for a specific project.  My multi-dimensional artwork is often made from old 55 gallon steel drums, which here in Alaska are readily available.  The special alloy of these drums seem to yield to my hammer, allowing me to create intricate details not often found in other fabricated artwork.

It is my greatest hope as an artist that my work will be touched and enjoyed for many generations to come.
Marlon draws inspiration from nature
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