look withinMixed metals combine fluidly around a mirror that is custom fit to your wall.  Mirrors enhance any room, adding depth and light play, and ours are timeless in design.  Our method of welding copper to steel produces exquisite results, and mirrors are the perfect medium for this technique.mirrors create an open feeling in any roomSite specific designs add a unique quality to any environment, and we can create any mirror you can imagine.  If you have a design theme in your room-- organic to Nouveau-- we can compliment it with a custom mirror.the right mirror for the right spaceWe use Feng Shui techniques for mirror placement when designing for specific space, and we believe that reflection and play of light is essential to creating the right flow in any room.
custom patinas to make our mirrors specialmirrors to reflect your stylemirrors slideshowWe’ve done more with mirrors than we could possibly hope to show here. Check out this slideshow featuring some of
our favorites and begin imagining yours today.
art nouveau mirrors add elegance to home or business
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