the shopWe began working out of our garage.  The space was small, but we made the best of it as we built a strong presence and reputation as Moose Run Metals.  In 2007 we were finally able to move into the shop space we had been working on for several years.
The shop took three years to constructAfter three years of construction, the new shop is what we had always dreamed of.  The huge space affords us plenty of room for numerous projects. Working together in the shop is the ultimate for us--
we thrive on each other's energy. It is awash in natural light.  The windows are the reclaimed freezer doors from a local grocery store remodel; the lights are the newest technology for maximum energy efficiency -- perfect for patina work. 

shop insideSitting roadside next to the shop is our newest addition -- a veryAlaskan cabin that serves as a means to display our varied and site specific work.
galleryWe decided to detail the cabin with our own work: lighting, furniture, hardware, wood stove heat shields and art...whatever we can dream up.
gallery inside
the processsite-specific blueprints kick off the design processMost of Moose Run's work is custom, creating pieces for a specific space. After customer contact is made, we photograph and measure the space and surrounding area. A design meeting with the client is essential to targeting details that will be included in the final sketches. Once sketches and budget are approved, materials are ordered. Though Moose Run carries a large variety of stock on our own iron rack, some materials may need to be ordered either from in-state or outside. Reclaimed and recycled materials are used when possible for their specific qualities, and to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece.
salvaged materials are an inherent part of our workInitial designs are sketched in chalk on the shop floor, and the fabrication of components begins.
Tacking with the welder affords each piece a perfect fit, and the components are subsequently welded.
What makes our creations unique is the quality of the finish work; our pieces often go through four
or five stages of grinding before a piece is considered complete. Gloves are worn to protect exposed metal from harmful skin oils and fingerprints on the final patina. It is very important that metals are protected from oxygen to avoid corrosion, so a hot wax final sealer or marine grade clear coat is
employed. Outdoor projects often need a baked powder coat finish to ensure longevity and easy maintenance.
grinding, and grinding againWorking with customers over the internet for custom design is very rewarding for us. Nearly all design work can be communicated through photos and measurements. Sketches can be scanned and sent via email for approval. Pieces can be crated and shipped worldwide. Moose Run always has easy installation in mind when designing. Depending on the size and scope of the project, delivery is generally
offered within 2-8 weeks.
the fabrication process demands attention to detailOur metalwork is colored using patinas. Basically we are creating controlled corrosion to create coloring on the metal. Acids are used in a wide variety of applications to bring about an amazing array of colors. Some are traditional formulas used for generations; others are formulas we have developed in our own work. Each metal-- copper, steel or brass-- reacts in a different way.
eye-catching patinas seal the dealKnowing the properties of each metal and pushing boundaries give our work its unique quality.
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